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Straight Outta Compton: The Mobley Brothers and Johnny Juzang

  |   May 3, 2018  |   Michael McLamb

The California-based Compton Magic might be the most talented grassroots basketball team in the entire country.

During the second session of the Adidas Gauntlet in Atlanta, three players from the Compton Magic made my list of standouts from the event: Evan Mobley, Isaiah Mobley and Johnny Juzang.

Here’s an in-depth look at why the trio is special, along with an update on where they’re at in the recruiting process.

1. Evan Mobley

Class of 2020  |  6-foot-10 Stretch Forward

National Rankings: 247Sports: 12th  |  Rivals: 12th

Evan Mobley is a versatile scorer for the Compton Magic. After watching him in two games, I became well-acquainted with the skills that have catapulted Mobley to five-star status and high national rankings.

Despite his slender-frame, Mobley is a strong finisher in the paint. On several occasions, Mobley showcased an ability to score with strength while in traffic.

I was pleased to see this tendency in Mobley’s game. I've seen other players with similar physical attributes, that shy away from contact and lack toughness. As Mobley continues to develop physically, he’ll find it even easier to get what he wants when attempting to score in the lane.

The aspect of Mobley’s game which I found especially impressive is his offensive skills in transition. During one sequence on Sunday, Mobley secured a long rebound before out-running the opposing team’s guards while handling the ball on a fast break.

Without the basketball, Mobley is still dangerous in transition. He's excellent at positioning himself in positive places that allow his teammates to pass to him for easy points.

Mobley is currently averaging 15.3 points and 5.7 rebounds through nine games on the Adidas Gauntlet Series.


Evan Mobley is a scary sight for defenses when he's out and running on fast breaks. He's got a soft touch around the rim and an aggressive mentality when attacking. He also possesses an improving game from the perimeter. As just a sophomore, it's time to get well-acquainted with Evan Mobley, because he's going to be dominating for a long time.

2. Isaiah Mobley

Class of 2019  |  6-foot-9 Point Forward 

National Rankings: 247Sports: 30th  |  Rivals: 29th

Isaiah Mobley has a lot of similarities to his brother. He’s a relentless finisher in the paint and a dangerous presence in transition.

However, in my eyes, what separates Isaiah from his younger brother is the variety of skillful moves that he possesses in his repertoire. While Mobley can still bully defenders on his way the basket, the level of finesse that he plays with is rare.

In Sunday’s game against Yes II Success, Mobley broke down defenders off-the-dribble with devastating results. He also made difficult off-balanced jumpers and turn-around hook shots while being under heavy duress. 

Mobley will continue to create matchup problems for defenses. Small forwards will find him difficult to guard when he has his back to the basket, and more traditional big men will struggle against Mobley's face-up game or when he steps out to the perimeter.

Mobley also possesses ‘point-forward' qualities. The 6-9 junior handled the ball a lot for the Compton Magic over the weekend, and he showcased the same ability during the high school season with Rancho Christian.

Defensively, Mobley also showed flashes of being an elite rim protector and an extremely active rebounder.

Through nine games, Mobley is currently averaging 15.1 points and 9.6 rebounds on the Adidas Gauntlet Series.


Isaiah Mobley is one of the most versatile prospects in the class of 2019. College coaches should be quick to see his potential as an elite point-forward at the next-level. He can handle the ball, score with finesse or just straight bully defenses all game long. No longer just a West Coast phenomenon, Isaiah Mobley is a national talent.

3. Johnny Juzang

Class of 2020  |  6-foot-6 Small Forward

National Rankings: 247 Sports: 25th  |  Rivals: 29th

The talent in the class of 2020 is truly amazing.

Several of the class of 2020’s brightest stars were highlighted over the weekend including Jalen Green, Isaiah Todd, Greg Brown, Kyree Walker and Evan Mobley. Unwilling to be denied, Compton Magic guard Johnny Juzang exploded in Atlanta to finish as one of the weekend’s top performers.

Fortunately for me, I got to watch Juzang on Sunday when he turned-in one of the most dominant performances from the entire April live period. Juzang posted 27 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists against Yes II Success and looked nearly unstoppable doing it.

Juzang found his points by shooting threes, driving to the basket and scoring from off-the-dribble. 

Juzang looked tremendously comfortable with the ball in his hands. I never watched a sequence in which he forced a shot or didn’t allow the game to come to him.

At 6-foot-6 and 200 pounds, Juzang has the build of a high-major college basketball player. He's listed as a small forward, but I think the better description would be as a ‘big guard.'

Juzang is currently averaging 14.2 points and 4 rebounds per game on the Adidas Gauntlet Series.


Johnny Juzang has been on the national radar for quite some time, but he doesn't always get the type of hype that other West Coast ballers have received. It's time for that to change. Juzang is one of the most gifted scorers in the entire class of 2020. He's a physically imposing force with a smooth game. He's putting the Adidas Gauntlet on notice. 

Recruiting Updates:

USC is the heavy favorite in the recruitment of Evan and Isaiah Mobley.

Eric Mobley, the father of Evan and Isaiah, was hired by Andy Enfield as an assistant on the USC staff in late March.

Despite this new development, I would expect Stanford and UCLA to still inquire. The brothers took unofficial visits to the two schools during the high school season.

As for Johnny Juzang, while his recruitment is still in its early stages, California and San Diego State impressed me as being the schools that seemed to be prioritizing him the most in Atlanta.

Head coaches Wyking Jones (Cal) and Brian Dutcher (San Diego State) both went the extra mile to arrive at the Compton Magic’s game on Sunday early enough to sit in the limited seats along the baseline during the team’s matchup against Charles Bassey and Yes II Success.

UCLA assistant coach Duane Broussard also watched Juzang throughout the week and Stanford head coach Jerod Haase stood on the sidelines during Sunday's game.

I expect more of the same as Juzang's recruitment matures. Juzang should be a high-priority for all Pac-12 teams and West Coast mid-majors like San Diego State and UNLV (offered in 2017); otherwise, he might decide to take his talents away from the region.

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