Seventh Woods: “There’s no pressure for me”

May 4, 2014  |   Mars Reel

Columbia, S.C.– He's become an internet sensation and gyms fill up to see him.

Seventh Woods is a superstar in the making… and he's only a sophomore in high school.

Woods led his AAU team, the Carolina Wolves, to a tournament championship in Columbia over the weekend in front of hundreds, but despite his talent level, Woods keeps humble.

“There's no pressure for me,” Woods said. “I try to keep my team involved first and then let my game follow.”

Woods school Hammond fell short in the playoffs this season, and Woods is using the AAU circuit to continue to grow his game.

“There's so much more competition in AAU and we get to travel around the world to play,” Woods said. “I get experience to play against the best at my age.”

But Woods plays well beyond his years. Top Division 1 programs have been courting him since he stepped foot on Hammond's campus, and he's doing a good job of making coaches fight for his commitment.

“It's just a blessing to have college coaches come and watch me,” Woods said. “I'm just trying to play my best so they'll keep coming back.”

He won't have to worry about that. South Carolina and Clemson have already offered the 6-1 170 pounder as well as North Carolina and Wichita State.

What will be interesting to see is how he transitions to a new role. Woods has been using AAU as an opportunity to play point guard and is putting in the work on-and-off the court to develop into more than just a shooting guard.

“I'm working out with my trainer three days a week,” Woods said. “I'm just going to keep working on and off the floor to improve my game.”

And if Woods can transform into a combo guard, by the time he reaches his senior year, it will be surprising if every major college coach isn't knocking on his door nonstop.


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