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RJ Hampton and Isaiah Todd: Burger Boys – Part I

  |   April 17, 2018  |   Mars Reel

R.J. Hampton and Isaiah Todd are two of the top prospects in the class of 2020. According to ESPN recruiting rankings, R.J. is the top point guard in his class and Isaiah leads the rankings at power forward.

For many athletes, including R.J. and Isaiah, playing in the McDonald’s All-American Game is a lifelong dream that signifies a successful high school career and a celebration of individual accomplishments.

“The McDonald’s event was a great experience. I already see myself here. Pretty sure I’ll be here, Lord willing. Just gotta’ keep working hard,” Isaiah said.

Although R.J. and Isaiah still have some time before they can compete at the McDonald’s Game, the two players received an early preview of the event with Mars Reel Chronicles.

Watch ‘Part I' of this two-part series as R.J. and Isaiah enjoy the dunk contest and all the festivities before the big game.

Catch up on previous episodes and stay tuned for ‘Part II.'

R.J. Hampton: ‘All Around RJ’ (Episode 1)

Isaiah Todd: ‘The Marshall’ (Episode 1)

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