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Huntington Prep’s New Turkish Transfer is Incredible

  |   November 10, 2015  |   Mars Reel

On Monday Huntington Prep opened up its regular season trouncing Wesley Christian High School by 34 points; giving the Irish a 1-0 record.

There were several new faces on the Irish team and it didn't take long to realize that the Huntington Prep had an unfair advantage from the onset – match ups.

Virtually every player on Huntington Prep could put the ball on the floor and attack the rim.

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The player of the night would be the Turkish transfer Onuralp Bitim.

The 6'5″ Turkish guard's footwork, change of speed, passing and scoring ability were immediately noticeable.

Bitim had his way on Monday night displaying his matured offensive repertoire and leading Huntington Prep with 19 points.

Trailing behind Bitim was Miles Bridges (17 points) as always seemed as a man among boys, showcasing his brute strength and athleticism.

Bridges powered through double teams of as many as three defenders on drives to the basket finishing around the rim with his soft touch.

Other key players include: 6-3 Indiana commit Curtis Jones and 6-8 senior wing Micah Thomas both attacking the rim and crashing the boards relentlessly.

Huntington Prep was in attack mode the entire game and did well at spacing out the floor and did really well distributing the ball to outside shooters (Jonathan Kabongo did this very well last night).

Wesley Christian didn't have an answer, never gaining a lead over Huntington Prep for the entire game.

One thing is for certain, opponents have much more to be concerned about than Miles Bridges. It will be exciting to see how Huntington Prep shapes up against different programs as the season progresses.

Huntington Prep's next game is on Friday against Charlotte United (NC) Christian Academy.

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