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7’1″ Thon Maker Posts 37 Points, 11 Rebounds in Season Debut

  |   November 7, 2015  |   Mars Reel

Wednesday night marked Athlete Institute's first regular season game in the Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association (OSBA) facing off against The Hill Academy.

Thanks to a stellar performance from 7'1″ senior Thon Maker and his brother Matur Maker, A.I. Prep would secure their first win for the regular season.

According to Prep Circuit, Maker scored 37 points and grabbed 11 rebounds to lead Athlete Institute Prep past The Hill Academy 97-87. Maker's brother, Matur added 15 points for A.I. Jerimiah Usiosefe and Marquell Fraser had a combined 30 points for The Hill Academy.

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@thonmaker and #MaturMaker SHOW OUT in season debut! Full recap @ 🎧 by @thefakebizzeblaze

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Maker is widely regarded as one of the top basketball prospects in all of the 2016 recruiting class and his style of play is extraordinary – he is very athletic, mobile and skilled for his size and age.

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SB Nation wrote earlier this year that Maker resembles a newly created 2k15 player with moves like Kyrie Irving in Kevin Garnett's body.

It will be exciting to keep up with Makers development throughout the season as well as Athlete Institute's performance in the competitive OSBA.

A.I. Prep's next game will be this Saturday at Waukee High School for the Cornfield Classic in Waukee, IA held by the Grind Session where they will face Starkville and Victory Prep.

From the looks of the A.I.'s twitter account it seems as though they opted for the 12 hour drive.

CORRECTION: 11/7/2015 10:46 AM ET

Sky Smith, A.I. Prep Assistant Coach & Head of Player Development confirms the team did not take a 12 hour drive to Waukee, IA.

The tweet above is a drive to the airport and not Waukee, IA.

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